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Topics: Corporate finance, Management, Contract Pages: 3 (915 words) Published: August 18, 2013
CENTRE FOR ADVANCEMENT OF STANDARD IN EXAMINATIONS (GEMS ASIAN SCHOOLS) COMMON REHEARSAL EXAMINATION – JANUARY 2013 ( ALL INDIA SENIOR SCHOOL CERTIFICATE EXAMINATION ) BUSINESS STUDIES CODE - 054 Grade: XII Max. Marks:90 No. of pages : 3 Time: 3 hours. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------General Instructions: i. Answer to questions carrying 1 mark may be from one word to one sentence. ii. Answer to questions carrying three marks may be from 50-70 words. iii. Answer to questions carrying 4-5 marks may be about 150 words. iv. Answer to questions carrying 6 marks may be about 200 words. v. Attempt all parts of the section together.

1. State any two organisational objectives of Management. (1) 2. What is the objective of ‘Simplification’ in scientific management? (1) 3. Ramesh, a lower level worker was transferred to four departments in a span of 3 months. State the principle of management violated in this case. (1) 4. When can a buyer be treated as a marketer? (1) 5. It is a system of consciously coordinated activities of two or more persons towards a common objective. Name the system of organization mentioned here. (1) 6. Double Entry Ltd is a firm which deals in computer software. State giving one reason whether this firm needs more working capital or less working capital. (1) 7. A tube of toothpaste comes in a cardboard box. What level of packaging is referred to here? (1) 8. State ant two factors that determine choice of a channel of distribution. (1) 9. What certification should one look for while purchasing jewellery? (1) 10.“By using debt capital in the capital structure of a company, the return to equity shareholders can be increased.” State the name of the concept mentioned here. (1) 11.Management has its own theory and principles, vocabulary of terms and concepts. Which feature of science is justified by management here. (1)


12.It is a short term negotiable, self- liquidating...
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