Cadbury, Advertising and Marketing

Topics: Advertising, Marketing, Mass media Pages: 3 (771 words) Published: June 22, 2008
Advertising and Promotion Objectives and Strategies for Cadbury’s Crush Products

One of the most critical parts of ensuring a successful repositioning of Cadbury Crush product(s), specifically the orange flavor, as agreed by the Cadbury’s executives is the development of an advertising and promotion program. Marketing Momentum Unlimited (MMU) will provide guidance; regarding the most effective approach to setting realistic and measurable communications and sales-oriented objectives, in order to clearly define Cadbury’s outcome expectations to the advertising agency representing Crush. The communication objectives will focus towards market development, which is an appropriate strategy for Cadbury’s product, taking into consideration the company’s efforts to reposition the product. In addition, the Crush product(s) are in the maturity stage of the product life cycle, as a result the communication objectives will stimulate selective demand. In order to improve the outcome of Cadbury Crush relaunch, it is imperative that Cadbury develop the best message to the Crush target market as it relates to creating increased brand interest, promoting positive attitude towards the Crush product(s) and executing purchase decision from consumers. The sales-oriented objective will address how the Crush advertising/promotion program will stimulate sales, specifically to address Kim Feil’s case volume forecast concerns. The following are objectives and strategies proposed by MMU: Objective One: To increase Crush product awareness among the target audience by 10 percent in one year. Cadbury will remind existing product users and inform new potential product user about the brand. In addition, they will also utilize sales promotions to persuade consumers in brand switching.

Objective Two: To change the perception of Crush products, specifically orange, by its target market. Cadbury will emphasize differences and benefits of the Crush product(s) within their chosen...
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