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York Castle High School
Management of Business
Complete the following CAPE past paper questions:
Question 1
Weber conceptualized that organizations would be managed on an impersonal, rational basis. Weber called this form of organization a bureaucracy. a. Outline FO UR characteristics of a bureaucracy as specified by Weber.(8 marks) b. Discuss FOUR implications of “Weber’s bureaucracy” on today’s business organization. ( 17 marks)

Question 2
(a) Define EACH of the management functions: planning, organizing, leading, controlling. (8 marks)
(b) Explain how the application of EACH function of management would help Miss Good Cook to operate her restaurant more effectively. ( 17 marks) Question 3

John the manager of KPJ Co. Ltd has been described by his workers as a “participative leader”.
(a) Define the term “participative leader”. ( 3 marks)
(b) Discuss TWO advantages and TWO disadvantages of the participative leadership style.
( 16 marks)
( c) Outline THREE situations in which the participative style of leadership would be useful to
KPJ Co. Ltd. ( 6 marks) Question 4
Motivation of subordinates is an important aspect of a manager’s job. (a) Examine THREE factors that motivate a person to work well. ( 13 marks) (b) Identify and evaluate FOUR steps managers may take to motivate subordinates. (12 arks)

Question 5
( a) Distinguish between leadership skills and leadership roles, giving examples of each. (4 marks)
( b ) Communication, Consideration, planning, coaching and inspiring are some behaviours expected of effective leaders. Describe EACH of the foregoing behaviours. ( 10 marks)
( c ) With the aid of example, DISCUSS the role of each in effective leadership. ( 11 marks)

Question 6
(a) Identify TWO ways in which a multinational company may have to adapt its operations to
suit Caribbean business environment. Explain the rationale for, and the possible effects of t EACH adaptation on the company. ( 17 marks)

( b) Discuss FOUR circumstances under which state control of private enterprise is justified. ( 8 marks) Question 7
Mr. Tyre is faced with TWO options, whether to expand his existing car repairs business or to
Buy a franchise; as a solution to the problem.
The following are steps in the decision-making process.
(i) Define the problem
(ii) Analysis
(iii) Implementation
(iv) Evaluation
(a ) Discuss how each step above may assist Mr. Tyre in deciding which of the TWO options to choose from. ( 16 marks) ( b) Explain ONE way in which EACH of the following environmental factors may impact Mr. Tyre’s car repair business: Globalization

Information Technology
Government regulations
( 9 marks)
Question 8
(a) What are the main differences between the public limited company and a private limited Company. ( 3 marks) (b) Identify and describe THREE documents that must be completed to register a company....
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