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Performance of Cement Industry in the Capital Market
The cement Industry contributes 3.40% of total market capitalization and 3.13% of total turnover as of DSE December 2011 monthly review. Presently, six cement companies are listed in the Dhaka Stock Exchange amongst Lafarge Surma cement has the highest paid-up capital of Tk11,614m and Aramit Cement Ltd, on the other hand, has the lowest paid-up capital of Tk154m. In terms of market capitalization, Lafarge Surma Cement Limited is the highest contributor which accounts for 1.5% of the total market cap in 2011. Heidelberg Cement Bangladesh Limited has the highest Earnings per Share (EPS) of Tk17.68 followed by Confidence Cement Limited with EPS of Tk7.39.
In terms of Closing price, the maximum gainer was M.I. Cement while earning 42.4% since the day of listing on 2011. The maximum loser was Meghna Cement which lost 35.84% in stock price throughout the year (2011). However, the overall market went through a recessionary situation during 2011. The benchmark index, DGEN decayed by more than 3000 points throughout the year where almost all the industries performed worse than the earlier year (2010).

Performance Highlights
Company Name|  Sales Revenue Growth| Net Profit Growth | | 2010| 2009| 2008| 2010| 2009| 2008|
Aramit Cement| 8.75%| 10.65%| 27.63%| 30.77%| 2415.33%| -82.79%| Confidence Cement| 41.55%| -1.26%| 11.56%| 68.05%| 603.88%| -154.02%| Heidelberg Cement| 15.46%| 13.15%| 13.31%| 17.38%| 43.60%| -4.67%| Lafarge Surma Cement| -25.03%| 21.44%| 158.84%| -264.58%| 463.95%| 116.10%| Meghna Cement| 21.47%| 44.02%| 15.67%| -63.31%| 490.89%| -78.28%| MI Cement| 28.62%| 36.54%| - | 31.26%| 76.91%| - | * Due to the ban of limestone mining, the production of Lafarge Surma Limited went down drastically in the year 2010 for which its growth of sales revenue and net profit suffered. * During 2010, Confidence Cement made a huge profit...
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