Capital Market Reforms

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Q:-What kind of reform process is under way for Indian capital market? Elaborate. Capital Market:-
A capital market is a place that handles the buying and selling of the securities. This is the ideal place where both the governments and companies can raise their funds. Capital Market Reforms:-

The capital markets of all the countries have undergone a number of reforms in the history. Capital market reform enables the capital markets to embrace new ideas and techniques affecting the capital market. Capital market liberalization is one such capital market reform that is adopted by various countries to strengthen their economy. Economic theories are made and implemented to reform the functionalities of the capital market. The prime objective behind all the policies and reforms was obviously to strengthen the capital market of a particular country as much as possible. It has been always a big question to the economists whether to allow or not to allow the foreign investments in the country. Packaged with both advantages and disadvantages, the liberalization of the capital markets has always been controversial. In the 1980s and 1990s when the US Treasury and International Monetary Fund (IMF) tried to push world-wide capital-market liberalization, there had been enormous opposition. Economists were not in the support of free and unfettered markets.

Now, when the capitalist countries, developing capitalist countries, underdeveloped countries and a large number of socialist countries have nodded their support to the capital market reform and capital market globalization, the global capital market has evolved in a new identity. The concept of capital market is not restricted to the share and bond trading in the developed capitalist countries only but is equally influenced by the capital markets of developing and underdeveloped countries as well.

Now the economic or financial change in one country can affect the capital market of other country in real...
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