Case Study of Kim Fuller

Topics: Financial services, Corporate finance, Economics Pages: 35 (9657 words) Published: September 8, 2010
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Bank capital, competition and loan spreads
M Fischer, S Steffen - 2010
Page 1. Bank capital, competition and loan spreads Markus Fischer ∗ Sascha Steffen † August 22, 2010 Abstract This paper empirically investigates whether well-capitalized banks charge higher spreads using a dataset of all ...

Commentary: Monetary Policy after the Fall
JB Taylor, C Bean - 2010
... Louis Review, May June 2010, 165-176 Taylor, John B. (2010c), “The Fed ... Michael Woodford (Eds.), Handbook of Monetary Economics, 3, Elsevier, forthcoming, 2010 Volker ... to Macroeconomic Modelling and Policy Analysis" Manuscript, Center for Financial Studies, Frankfurt ... Diagnosing Affine Models of Options Pricing: Evidence from VIX G Li, C Zhang - 2010

Page 1. Diagnosing Affine Models of Options Pricing: Evidence from VIX Gang Li and Chu Zhang ∗ August 2010 ∗Hong Kong Baptist University and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Ad- dress correspondence to Chu Zhang via E-mail: Page 2. ... The Value Spread: A Puzzle

F Belo, C Xue, L Zhang - 2010
Page 1. The Value Spread: A Puzzle Frederico Belo∗ University of Minnesota Chen Xue† University of Michigan Lu Zhang‡ Ohio State University and NBER August 2010§ Abstract The standard dynamic investment model fails ... A Simple Model of the Firm Life Cycle

KR Schenk-Hoppéa, U Schwerib - 2010
Page 1. Working Paper Series _____ National Centre of Competence in Research Financial Valuation and Risk Management ...
CREATES Research Paper 2010-49
M Expectations, A Uncertainty, ET Premia - 2010
... Ng (2009), so that our factor differs from earlier proxies in the bond literature. The paper proceeds as follows. The next section selectively reviews related literature, Section 3 describes the construction of our proxy for term premium expectations, Section 4 details the data ... Corporate Venture Capital and the Acquisition of Entrepreneurial Firms. DF Benson - 2010

... When to ally & when to acquire. Harvard Business Review, 82(7/8): 109. Gompers, PA, & Lerner, J. 1998. ... Adverse selection and M&A design: The roles of alliances and IPOs. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, forthcoming. Reuer, JJ, & Ragozzino, R. 2008. ... Valuation and Risk Assessment of Pension Benefit Guarantee Commitments H Andersson - 2010

Page 1. Journal of Money, Investment and Banking ISSN 1450-288X Issue 15 (2010) © EuroJournals Publishing, Inc. 2010 Valuation and Risk Assessment of Pension Benefit Guarantee Commitments ... On the Economic Consequences of Index-Linked Investing

J Wurgler
... MacKinlay, A. Craig, K. Ramaswamy. "Index-Futures Arbitrage and the Behavior of Stock Index Futures Prices." Review of Financial Studies 1 (1988), pp. 137-158. ... “The Index Premium and Its Hidden Cost for Index Funds.” Journal of Empirical Finance, forthcoming. ... How Wise are Crowds? Insights from Retail Orders and Stock Returns E Kelley, PC Tetlock

Page 1. Electronic copy available at: How Wise Are Crowds? Insights from Retail Orders and Stock Returns August 2010 Eric K. Kelley and Paul C. Tetlock * University of Arizona and Columbia University Abstract ...

Rights offerings and corporate financial condition.
I Explanation
... Heron, RA and E. Lie, 2002, "A Comparison of the Motivations for and the Information Content of Different Types of Equity Offerings," Journal of Business (Forthcoming). ... An Investigation of the Information Content of New Security Issues," Review of Financial Studies 9, 109-139 ... Banking competition, monitoring incentives and financial stability TQA Vo

... The above considerations suggest some advantages of constructing a richer setup to 1 We learn this expression from Padoa-Schioppa (2001). 2 For excellent review of this literature, see Carletti (2008), Carletti and Vives (2009). 2 Page 5. ... Macro Expectations, Aggregate...

References: S Mseddi, F Abid - International Research Journal of Finance and …, 2010
A Quest for More Reliable Estimates of Exchange Rate Exposure
P Jayasinghe, G Premaratne - International Research Journal of Finance and …, 2010
... See Koutmos and Martin (2003a and 2003b) and Jayasinghe and Tsui (2007 and forthcoming)
for incorporating some of those intrinsic features into the estimation of exchange rate exposure.
3 See Bodnar and Wong (2003) for details of this argument. Page 3. ...
The value of independent directors: evidence from sudden deaths
B Dang Nguyen, K Meisner Nielsen - Journal of Financial Economics, 2010
Bubbles in UK house prices: evidence from ESTR models
DG McMillan, A Speight - International Review of Applied Economics, 2010
Sentiment and Anomalies ∗ Jianfeng Yu † University of Minnesota Yu Yuan ‡
University of Iowa July, 2010 Abstract This paper investigates the ..
risky assets (termed test assets) has on the MV frontier of a set of benchmark assets (see
DeRoon and Nijman, 2001, for a review)
Macroeconomics, finance, commodities: Interactions with carbon markets in a data- …
J Chevallier - Economic Modelling, 2010
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