Celebrities in Advertising

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In today's highly bloodthirsty environment, consumers are subjected to a stream of advertising. This occurs in every possible way and at every possible opportunity, mostly through the mass media. To gain a commercial advantage over competitors in this world of "bland' brand names and everyday products, advertisers exploit different techniques. They can turn to a celebrity for help. Celebrities themselves are products of the mass media: they live through them and by them, so they form a rational target for advertisers. Companies have been using stars to endorse everything, from food to food chains, from soft and hard drinks to health drinks, from clothes and accessories to cars. Commonly called "testimonials" or "celebrity endorsements", this technique of persuasion is related to the person appearing in the ad: If the celebrity / athlete / star use the product, then it must be good, so I will purchase it too. The use of celebrity advertising has become a trend in creating a winning corporate image and is therefore used in the marketing phase.

Some of the best known celebrities employed for advertising campaigns include…..? AND HOW MUCH THEY GOT PAYED?
Nicole kidman- channel
Jessica simpson- proacitive
Ian Thorpe- Uncle tobies
Tiger woods, roder ferdere and ????- gillet shaver campaign

The reason behind the popularity of celebrity advertising is the advertisers' certainty that the brand image will be built through the use of celebrities to achieve a high extent celebrities achieve a higher degree of attention and recall for consumers, which will eventually lead to higher sales. Although the potential benefits of using celebrity advertising to promote brand images and products are significant, so are the costs and risks

There a three main techniques when using celebrity endorsements, these include creditability, Attractiveness and power. Credibility is used to the extent to which the recipient sees the source as having relevant knowledge, skill...
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