Chapter 3 Cases for Analysis ~ Aquarius Advertising Agency

Topics: Organizational structure, Environment, Advertising Pages: 2 (312 words) Published: February 14, 2011
1. Analyze Aquarius with respect to the five contextual variables. How would you describe the environment, goals, culture, size, and technology for Aquarius?

Aquarius Advertising Agency would be considered a middle-sized firm operating in a relatively unstable environment. Mostly because in the advertising, TV, radio, newspapers it is common for a mid-size company to lose or gain customers quickly because of consumers behavior changes or product improvement, all of the above can take place sometimes with no prior warning. The technology is largely non-routine because of the emphasis on creativity and art. The structure is practical with full-time integrators who provide horizontal linkage. The goals of the firm is to be inventive, resourceful, ingenious but yet original and to satisfy their customers, and do it better than anyone else can and possibly gain more clients.

2. Design a new organization structure that takes into consideration the contextual variables in the case and the information flows..








3. Would a matrix structure be feasible for Aquarius? Why or why not?

A matrix structure could be feasible for Aquarius Advertising Agency it isn’t undoable. But, with there being a potential for rapid environmental change in an advertising agency as well as uncertainties a matrix structure wouldn’t be the best form to follow. A matrix will be valuable only when the experienced managers are willing to be team players and not violate their authority functional or product in the complex violation of unity of command that occurs by design. Without taking these above steps into account the MATRIX STRUCTURE would only hurt the company instead of help. The best suggestion would be to reinforce the integrative capability of the account executives while it is in its functional...
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