Cigarette Advertising: Ethical Aspect

Topics: Tobacco, Tobacco advertising, Nicotine Pages: 15 (4909 words) Published: December 30, 2008
Final Assignment in Public Relations and Advertising Course
Cigarette Advertising:
Ethical Aspect

December 2008
Thessaloniki, Greece
The aim of the final assignment is to analyze the issue of cigarette advertising from the ethical point of view. The evidence examined basically tells about the unsuccessful restrictions of cigarette advertising. Relevant theories are applied, such as Consequentialism and Elaboration Likelihood model to make a more explicit research of the topic. The analysis part combines theory, cases, author’s opinion and values and tries to provide an objective viewpoint from two perspectives: advertising and users/non-users of cigarettes, and advertising and producers/distributors and cigarettes. Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Cigarette advertising5
Insights on current practices in the sphere of cigarette advertising are provided in the chapter. Past and present bans and requirements on cigarette advertising are provided, as well as examples of controversial advertising.

Chapter 2. Interpretation8
Interpretation of the evidences mentioned in the first chapter is provided in this part of the final assignment. Conflicts of interest are stressed and parties related to the issue in cigarette advertising are discussed.

Chapter 3. Theories9
Business ethics theories applied in the assignment in order to give it academic weight and to structure the analysis on theoretical basis. Models applied in the final assignment are discussed in this chapter.

Chapter 4. Analysis and Values11
Evidence mentioned in the first chapter is analyzed in this chapter applying business ethics theories provided in the Chapter 3. As business ethics is quite arguable topic, author's values are also provided in the chapter. The chapter is logically divided in two parts: analysis of interaction of advertising and demand side, and advertising and supply side.

The effect of cigarette advertising on demand side of economy11 Analysis of the effect that cigarette advertising has on demand side, i.e. on both possible and existing consumers of cigarettes is provided in this part.

Producers, distributors of cigarettes and advertising of cigarettes14 Analysis of interaction between supply side, i.e. producers of the cigarette, is provided in this chapter.

Chapter 5. Conclusions and Possible Solutions16
In the last chapter of the final assignment conclusions following from analysis are provided, as well as possible solutions suggested.



The world during the last hundred years has changed a lot, today human beings are living in a commercialized and economic driven community, and people without even knowing make a large number of decisions just because of effective marketing. So realizing the power of commercials, the marketers should take some of the responsibility on themselves. A good marketing strategy provides better sales for the companies, so it leads to higher profits. Unfortunately, some of the goods produced are stated as not beneficial for humans in general like cigarettes. Then, the question arises - where should the line between money and moral values be drawn? In this project work a look at today’s advertising and marketing of cigarettes is taken. The author of the assignment considers how it influences the society and how the ethical side of it looks like; moreover, theories of the business ethics are used to clarify the results and meanings of the main conclusions. The author tries to look at two different, controversial and psychological aspects of using or non-using these harmful goods – freedom and damage to health. The basic research question was: “Is advertising cigarettes harmful for society?” The paper is structured as follows first part presents current position of cigarette advertising, while second part links the evidence to ethical issues by pointing out the importance of...

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