Client Servicing Process of an Advertising Agency

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1.0. Introduction

The first joint venture international full service advertising agency to set up in Bangladesh, GABL is today the largest stand alone agency in Bangladesh with billings of USD 6 million in 2006. GABL is a market leader with a dynamic team of young and talented professionals and has won an unprecedented 4 years in a row (2003-2007) the Agency of the year Award, at the Srijan Samman Awards for all Bengali advertising work done in India and Bangladesh. In additional work done for its local as well as multinational corporate has won innumerable local and international Awards and accolades. GABL is a member of the Grey Group owned by WPP. 1.1 Origin of the report

This report is based on the Internship program in Grey Advertising Bangladesh Ltd., client servicing department, as a partial requirement of the B.B.A Program. It is a three credit course to complete the B.B.A program of the Institute of Business Administration, Jahangirnagar University. This report has been prepared under the direct supervision of Assistant Professor Mohammad Nazmul Islam.

1.2. Objective of the study

Main objective

• To depict a clear picture of activities of an advertising agency from the perspective of GREY Advertising Bangladesh Ltd.

Specific Objective

• To know the total account management process of Grey Advertising Bangladesh.

• To identify the role of the functional departments’ of Grey in delivery of service to the clients.

• To know how the agency works and how the communication program is projected for a brand.

• To find out the problems facing by various departments during executing their works

1.3. Methodology

Here, this report is conducted by using both primary and secondary data as primary data is data collected from first-hand experience and secondary data is data published or analyzed before in somewhere else. Primary data is collected through working in and being attached with various activities of the organization. On the other hand, secondary data is collected trough company archives, credentials and various documents.

1.4. Scope of the study

In this report, the main concern is how Grey Advertising Bangladesh Ltd works for a client. Working process of other advertising agencies are not concern matter for this report. As Grey advertising is one of the leading advertising agencies in Bangladesh now-a-days thus this report will help to understand the whole process of advertising and also will give some useful knowledge about current advertising scenario. Here, detailed work process of creative department and media department are not discussed. As this study tried to make account management process clear thus account servicing department is mainly focused.

1.5. Limitation

• Less access to all type of information of the organization

• Lack of relevant knowledge

2.0. Literature review

It doesn’t matter what an organization produces it needs a huge amount of marketing effort to sell them to the market. It needs all the parties related to marketing universe in a simultaneous manner to ensure the most possible profitability for the subject organization. That’s how the thought of integrated marketing communication emerges. The basic theme of this approach is to use six basic tools (advertising, sales promotion, publicity, direct marketing, personal selling, interactive marketing) altogether to get the maximum amount of benefit by reaching the maximum number of prospects or customers.

Integrated marketing communication process have become popular among marketers at recent times as it provides marketers the option of using different promotional tools to attract consumers rather than using only advertising. Therefore in the present world advertising agencies have become an important player of the communication process as they are the one who can provide...
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