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Siobhan Wolfe

Communication Task 2

There are various different ways to care workers can adapt their style of communication to meet the needs of others. If for example they are dealing with a service user who has a speech impediment then they could use closed questions to allow them to communicate effectively on the other hand if a service user is able to talk and the care worker uses a lot of closed questions it could prevent effective communication as they are not given as much freedom to talk or explain how they feel. Using a lot of open questions (how, when, why?) allows the service user to expand of their answers and have effective communication with the care worker. The pace at which the worker speaks at can also be of great importance when trying to achieve effective communication they must change the pace at which they speak depending on the type of service users they are dealing with, for example if they are dealing with someone who is hard of hearing it may be beneficial for them to slow the pace at which they speak to allow the service user understand them. Many issues could arise if service users have misheard a worker and vice versa this could be because they may have thought they had heard them say they had already received their medication when they haven’t, this could have serious repercussions in the future. The tone which someone speaks can significantly change the type of message that is being communicated by speaking in a sharp tone it could upset someone.

A communication passport aims to support people that have problems with communication and therefore can’t speak for themselves the passport presents information about the individual positively and not a set of problems it is easy to read and also describes how the person will try to communicate in the best possible way. The passport belongs to the person and not to family or staff, though these people may use it and update it accordingly. The passport it important when new...
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