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Demonstrative Communication

Jared Battad

December 11, 2013


Professor William Slomski

There are many ways in communicating between one another being verbal and non verbal. Many people communicate more non verbally if there foreign to the language or just in a normal fast pace day. Demonstrative communication is a form on nonverbal and unwritten communication. Unlike verbal communication, demonstrative involves Body, physiology and nonverbal. There is a saying that actions speak louder than words, which is true communicating your body through eye contact, gestures or facial expressions giving the wrong body language to a person will send the wrong message to the person, in order to control this one person needs to pay attention to the non verbal signals during any type of communication. The three types of demonstrative communication affect the way we communicate with each other, which will be explained.

First and the most common way of demonstrative communication is body language, which is used frequently during communication face to face or through any communication. Gestures are part of body language, which deals with speaking with their hands. Everyone has used gestures in their life more than once a day, waving, shaking hands, and making any type of signals with their hands is a form of gestures. Waving and shaking hands is a gesture of greeting and saying goodbye. Some people have more emphasis to their gestures which would be some might be in a hurry, surprised and also excited.

Another type of body language is facial expression, which is the most common form on demonstrative communication. There are many ways to talk just using facial expressions, smiling and grinning the most used. Smiling which says that you are happy or sad. It is hard to hide facial expressions especially if someone farts next to you, your automatic facial expression would be the wrinkle in your nose due to the disgust. There is always...
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