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ABC REAL ESTATES LTD has its mission, vision and three prime objectives to let the employees know about the target and goals they have to achieve. ABC REAL ESTATES LTD has a very efficient internal communication system that gives its employees opportunity to share their knowledge, information and experience in a constructive way. 1.1.1 INTERNAL FORMAL COMMUNICATION:

ABC REAL ESTATES LTD communicates with their employees by applying some procedures using the communication flow that has made the company more reliable, effective and efficient. ABC REAL ESTATES LTD practices three types of communication process: Upward: The lower level employee plans strategy in launching a new product and service. They share or report to their boss and follow the organizational structure. Downward: The higher level management takes massive decisions and strategy for the organizational development and to achieve the mission of organization. They pass their opinion and decisions to their lower level of the hierarchy. Horizontal: Department wise or similar position wise communication occurs on a regular basis in ABC REAL ESTATES LTD. Diagonal: People from different positions in the hierarchy interact with each other to communicate on a specific goal. 1.1.2 INTERNAL INFORMAL COMMUNICATION

Informal communication mainly consists of grapevine. As this is a nationalized government company, so grapevine is a major media of communication. Lower level employees often indulge in gossip and information passes from anywhere to everywhere. This is an effective form of communication in which information (both positive & negative), passes to apparently every person in the organization. The ratio of information that passes through the grapevine is really very high. 1.1.3 TARGETS OF INTERNAL COMMUNICATION

Employees: ABC REAL ESTATES LTD communicates with their employees by using some communication tools and for this they are aware of progress of the...
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