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COMPUTER STUDIES Paper 3 Alternative to Coursework SPECIMEN PAPER

For Examination from 2011 1 hour 30 minutes

READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS FIRST There is one compulsory question on this paper. Each part must be answered in the space provided. You are advised to spend at least 20 minutes reading the information at the start of question 1 since this information is needed to answer all the sections in this question. The maximum number of marks is 60.

This document consists of 10 printed pages and 2 blank pages. [Turn over

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2 1 In this question you are asked to read about an existing manual, paper-based stock control system in a large garage. It is the intention that a computer-based semi-automatic stock control system is introduced as a replacement. You will be given a full description of both the present manual method and the intended new computerised scheme. Description of the existing system When a customer comes into the garage to buy a spare part for his car, the salesman asks a clerk to go to a filing cabinet where (s)he would be able to locate the appropriate files containing all the necessary part details. The information stored on these paper files includes: part number part description price of the part number of items in stock minimum re-order level details of the suppliers location of spare part in the warehouse

The salesman then goes to the warehouse to locate the part. The customer pays for the item and the salesman makes out an invoice and gives one copy to the customer and a second copy is given to a filing clerk. At the end of the day, the clerk processes all the invoices, records the money taken and updates the number of each item in stock. The clerk fills out and sends off the order forms for any items which are running low in number. All transactions are currently carried out on paper and stored in files in several large filing cabinets. Description of the proposed computer-based system The intention is to replace all the paperwork by introducing a computer-based database which contains all the information described above, but automatically prints out new orders at the end of the day. A systems analyst is to be employed to review the existing manual method. The analyst will be responsible for drawing up an action plan for the new computer-based system. This will then be designed, tested and implemented. All the necessary documentation will also be produced together with a full evaluation of the system performance 6 months after its introduction. In the new system, when a customer asks for a part, the salesman pulls up the following information on a computer screen:

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Please select from the following options: • • • • • • Interior Engine Gearbox and transmission Brakes Suspension Electric equipment

Once a selection is made, a number of spare parts are listed on the screen together with a diagram of the part. The required part is then identified and the salesman clicks on the diagram using a mouse and all the information about the selected part is displayed on the screen. The salesman then locates the spare part which is now identified with a bar code (which is the same as the part number). When sold, the bar code is read by a bar code reader and the number in stock is automatically checked and updated on the database. The value of the daily takings is also automatically updated. When the minimum stock level for a part is reached, an order is automatically printed out together with the name and address of the supplier. When new stock arrives the bar codes are read and the database automatically updated. The following questions all refer to the above system: (a) Describe what tools exist to help the analyst draw up an action plan and ensure that the project is...
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