Consumer attitute toward mobile advertising

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Literature review

Mobile advertising is a new way for advertiser to choose as a medium of communication to promote their product, services and ideas. Mobile advertising also knew as mobile marketing that provide the advertising message in innovative way to the customer via the mobile devices such as Smartphone or mobile phone. Mobile advertising is a real opportunity for enterprises to get new costumers and communicate with the current ones (Blanco.C.F, Blasco.M.G & Azorin.I.I, 2010).

The basic of mobile advertising that using the medium of communication choose the simple and most direct way that is Short Message Services (SMS) to transmit the information to the consumer. Zabadi.A.M.A ,Shura.M & Elsayed.E.A (2012) mention the need to create new mediums for advertising has lead to the creation of new-age media such as short message service (SMS) advertising. Not only SMS but as advance technology that introduce smartphone such as iOS using iad and Android using Admob as tool for their application for mobile advertising. According to the Chang.C.H & Huo.K.H (2011) mobile apps embedded in applets are contextual ads that pop-up when users are using the applets. Besides the SMS and Applet, Motion pictures on mobile devices were identified as a successful new media presentation that influences consumer attitudes for a short duration of time, whereas text and still pictures are more effective over the long-term (Sung.J & Cho.K 2012). Besides that, there are several studies that have been research by other researcher in a few countries specific on their targeted consumer attitude toward mobile advertising.

Regarding to Liu.C.L, Sinkovics.R.R, Pezderka.N & Haghirian.P (2012) among these three factors, the links between infotainment and credibility and the perceived value of advertising were supported in both the Japanese and Australia samples. On other hand, there is a study on different country that research have different result by Saadeghvaziri.F &...
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