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DEC 3, 2013

With the large majority of people that watch television on a daily basis, what better way than to advertise on television? Television advertisements are paid for by an organization (usually a business) to convey a message and to market or promote a specific product or service. These advertisements can range in length from a few seconds to several minutes and have been used since 1941. These advertisements usually get the prospected consumers’ attention and often times persuade them to purchasing the product or service. This type of advertisement is in the form of entertainment and needs to be creative. Humor is one of the most widely used techniques in advertising around the world, with about one out of every five television ads containing humorous appeals, but do they actually get us to laugh or smile. CONSUMER ATTITUDES TOWARDS ADVERTISING IN GENERAL

Despite the wide array of contemporary advertising formats and media, television advertising remains the most dominant form to which typical consumers are exposed. Research on attitudes toward advertising in general (Att-AiG) implicitly assumes that the Att-AiG measure represents advertising as a whole. A major finding of the current research is that consumers tend to have a mental representation, or exemplar, of the most typical type of advertising—television advertising—when they report their Att- AiG. Therefore, in reality, Att-AiG primarily reflects attitudes toward television advertising. WHAT CAN BE ANSWERED

To test for typicality effects on reported Att-AiG, we conducted an experiment to test that Att-AiG is closely related to attitudes toward television advertising (Att- TV, hereafter), because television advertising is activated when participants report their Att-AiG. AD DATA

The experiment was a one-factor-between-group design with seven groups: one control...
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