Consumerism: Advertising and People Brand Names

Topics: Advertising, Credit card, Consumerism Pages: 3 (1160 words) Published: March 14, 2013
The term "consumerism" is used to refer to the consumerist movement or consumer activism, which seeks to protect and inform consumers by requiring practices such as honest packaging and advertising, product guarantees, and improved safety standards. In this sense it is a movement or a set of policies aimed at regulating the products, services, methods, and standards of manufacturers, sellers, and advertisers in the interests of the buyer. Many facts can be considered as causes of consumerism such as advertisement, Easy access to credit card, a, lack of financial education, competition and showing oneself social, fashionable and up to date and many more. There are several definitions for consumerism, but the one we're interested in is Consumerism used to describe the effects of Equating personal happiness with purchasing material possessions and consumption. Consumerism is often associated with a desire to purchase goods and services which: Are often "wants" rather than "needs". An example you when to market and see the slogan outside of Old navy store “Priced so low, you can’t say no,’’ (Cave109). You don’t want clothes but as you see price are low you will buy more clothes. For some people brand names matters a lot for them because the prestige associated with a particular brand. Hence, a sweater sold in a Calvin Klein store will have a substantially higher price tag than say, a sweater sold in an Old Navy, even though that sweater may have been produced by the same Chinese manufacturer with the same specifications. But they will choose Calvin Klein because of brand. Though there is nothing wrong with the purchase of a good or service that gives pleasure if consumer can afford it. However, the situation becomes problematic when consumer starts spending more than they earn just to satisfy his poor spending habit. An extremely competitive business is to sell consumer products, be it a car, deodorant, perfume, or jeans. Consequently, we...
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