Creative Advertising Report

Topics: Advertising, Jeans, Levi Strauss & Co. Pages: 10 (1927 words) Published: April 5, 2013
Creative Advertising 2
Assessment 3
Levi’s 501 Jeans

Creative Brief
Campaign Rationale


Production Costs


Production Schedule


Magazine advertisement concept


Outdoor advertisment concept


Newspaper advertisement



Creative Brief
Key Observations
Advertising Objectives

Advertising spiral position

Consumer insight


Target audience definition

Current brand equity

Desired brand equity


Levi Strauss and Co
501 Mens range
To reinforce market leadership in the jeans
market, and to establish the brand as a
trendsetter in grunge fashion material.
To reinforce Levi as the market leader in
the jeans market and establish Levi as the
trendsetter in grunge fashion.
Retentive stage - These jeans are in the
retentive stage because they were first
designed in 1872 and are known by
people as the original jean.
The 501 jeans are the original authentic
jean that are well known among more
mature men. They are aware of the
501 but don’t really prefer them over
competitors. They are not so well known
or sought after by younger men.
501 jeans are iconic legendary jeans that
are fashionable through time
Elvis Presley famously wore 501 jeans as
did James Dean. They wear first designed
in 1872 and have stood through time as
fashionable jeans
The target audience are males aged 25-40.
They are middle to high come earners.
They are image concious and want to
be percieved as trendy, mature, and
successful. They live and work in the city
area. They have high ego’s.
501 jeans are the genuine authentic jeans
for men
501 mens jeans give me the ultimate
mature and sophisticated image that
no other jean can, because they are the
authentic original jeans. 501 Jeans have
heritage and history and have stood the
test of time and this makes the best on
the market.


Campaign Rationale
Strategy and Objectives

501 jeans for men have been described by Levi’s as “the Levi’s legend has already been written and it can never be undone. No other jean shares its heritage. No other jean has stood such a test of time. No other jean makes you feel part of a legend like levi 501 jeans”. The 501 line have been established over the years as the legend of jeans. They are the true original jeans that helped introduce jeans into mainstream fashion. Their original design started in the late 1800’s as overalls and evolved into the 501 jeans design. The 501 jean is in the retentive stage and are already recognised by the target audience, who are the more mature aged men. Throughout the 19th century stars such as Elvis Presley, James Dean and Marlon Brando wore the 501 jean which helped create the popularity and acceptance of jeans as mainstream leisure wear, as previously the 501 jeans were worn by workermen, miners and cowboys. The strategy type for this campaign is primarily a positioning one. We are drawing on the history and originality of the jeans to reinforce their position as market leaders. Part of the strategy behind this campaign is to push the message that the 501 line has so much heritage and history behind it and are the authentic orignal jeans, therefore they are unable to be beaten or equaled be any other line of jeans or brand of jeans. This is were affective strategy also comes into play. The target audience are mature aged men with high ego’s so we want to play off their ego’s and make them feel like they need to have these jeans to enhance their classy and mature status. By using this strategy we are satisfying the advertising objectives, as the jeans are visually presented as dominant over the competitors and positions levi as the market leader. It pushes the message that they are indeed the trendsetter, because they are the original and all the jeans after them are imitators and do not challenge the position of the 501. This campaign will present Levi 501 jeans as the...
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