Critiquing an Advertising Campaign

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Critiquing an Advertising Campaign
Campaign: Despicable Me (2010)

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1.12.1| IntroductionThe Challenges
The Big IdeaWhat Success Looked LikeConclusionReferences| Essay Topic and Objective The Job Description and the Target AudienceAbout the CampaignObjectives AchievedConclusion Reference List| TABLE OF CONTENTS

1.1: Introduction
At one time, thoroughly integrated campaigns were a unique approach to any brand’s campaign. Today, they have become a key part of the marketing landscape. Consumers are exposed to brand messages across a wide variety of channels, as compared to the time when most of the marketing campaigns were channel specific. Integrated campaigns are usually done to increase brand awareness, engage consumers and drive revenue. In these campaigns, all aspects of the campaign – be it ads, digital media or public relations even – must be consistent in tone. But for a campaign to be great, it takes more than just consistent messaging across the media. As Mackay, quoted in Aitchison, (1998) states, “It’s not what our message does to the reader, but what the reader does with our message, that determines our success.” There are some extremely successful campaigns that go beyond the textbook definition of what an integrated campaign is, making sure that each element of the campaign work together to form a greater story. This essay looks at one such campaign from 2010, that of the movie ‘Despicable Me’ from the studios of Universal Pictures.

2.1: The Challenges
Big movie campaigns are known for marketing across as many channels as possible. But this sometimes poses a problem when they go overboard, because there is a thin line between informing and intoxicating the audience. This was the main challenge for the ‘Despicable Me’ campaign, to make use of media effectively and get as many people as possible interested in watching the movie. Another challenge was to appeal not only to its primary target...

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