Cultural Artifact Speech Outline Example 1

Topics: Egg tart, Pastry, Egg yolk Pages: 2 (964 words) Published: February 17, 2015
Cultural Artifact Speech Outline Example
Chinese Egg Tarts
By Ping Chen
I. Introduction
A. Attention Getter: Who doesn’t love desserts and sweets any time of the day!? Something so simple and small, one bite after another is irresistible. Ever since the 1940’s, Hong Kong has introduced this pastry-crust filled with egg custard as a snack. If you eat at a Chinese restaurant (also known as dim-sum) in the early morning, you will have a taste of this delicious goodness.

B. Revealed Object: This is called a Hong Kong Egg Tart. It is a traditional Chinese dessert served in many Chinese restaurants or bakeries mainly during breakfast hours. You can also order it for lunch as well, but some restaurants stop serving them after 12 P.M.

C. Thesis Statement: Learning about the history of the dessert will give you a deeper understanding of how the Hong Kong culture introduced it.
D. Preview of main points: First, I will talk about the history of the Egg Tart and how they are made. Second, I will explain why I identify with the culture.

II. Body
Main Point 1: The egg tarts are a pastry commonly found in Hong Kong, Guangdong and Asian countries. They are served about three to four per dish. It has a crunchy shell filled with egg custard, best tasting when it is hot and fresh.

Sub Point A. The history of the dessert: The egg tart is a Hong Kong adaptation of the British custard tart. It is considered a Macau remake of the popular Portuguese egg tarts. Egg tarts made their first recorded appearance in a banquet for Emperor Kangxi. While the smooth yet wobbly yellow center stays constant, the pastry shell appears either in short crust or in a flaky thousand layer form. They are made with cream butter with icing sugar, egg yolks and egg whites. First, you mix the flour together with all the ingredients until the dough forms. After mixing it, you wrap the dough in a cling wrap. Once this is finished, it shall be placed flat on the tart cases and the shape will...
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