Current Advertising Campaign Analysis Of Nike, Inc.

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8 November 2013
To: Mr. Lee
From: Yuhui Mo
Subject: Current Advertising Campaign Analysis of Nike, Inc.

The purpose of the report is to analyze the current advertising campaign of Nike, Inc. Furthermore, this report helps answer what type of advertisement the Nike uses, who Nike's target audience is, and how effective Nike's advertising campaign is. This report recognizes that advertising strategy, which emphasizes communication, lifestyle, and star effect plays a very large part in Nike’s overall success of advertising campaign.

The research in this report will provide useful information in obtaining a depth understanding of the advertising campaign of Nike, Inc. While the report researches a variety of advertising campaign and effectively targeted populations in the market, it cannot analyze each aspect in the advertising campaign. Therefore the report will focus on advertising strategy. Due to lack of data of recent years, the report will pay attention to the financial performance from 2005 to 2009. Using the information in the report may help understanding of current market strategies, which will in turn help the development of future market strategies.

Current Advertising Campaign Analysis of Nike, Inc.

Prepared for

Mr. Lee
WRD 203-013 Instructor
1318 Patterson Office Tower
Lexington, KY 40506

Prepared by

Yuhui Mo
261 Simpson Ave
Lexington, KY 40504

8 November 2013



Nike Inc. is the world's leading sporting goods manufacturer. As the world's most successful sports consumer goods company, it influences every aspect of the industry, from its production systems to its fashion systems. Along the way, Nike has developed powerful advertising techniques and campaigns, which have made significant contributions to promote the company’s sales and market share. Looking to diversify its market, Nike launched Nike Fuelband SE. In order to successfully expand sales, Nike needs to craft a detail strategy for the advertising campaigns. By learning from the previous campaigns, Nike will be better equipped to know how to reach its goal.

Nike's market strategy focuses on using its advertising campaign to interpret its value of brand and spirit of sport. This strategy has enabled Nike to become popular and successful all over the world. Nike promises these qualities to attract more customers, increase sales, and promote brand value. In order to achieve a deep understanding of Nike's advertising campaign, we need to know the type of advertisement that Nike uses, Nike’s target audience, and Nike's advertising campaign efficacy.

Since there are various aspects in the advertising campaign, attention must be focused on advertising strategy and especially on the advertising content. With limited information of recent years, it was only possible to focus on business performance of Nike from 2005 to 2009. From analysis of its advertising campaigns, Nike can obtain valuable information, possibly to develop future advertising strategies that better target the market, based on findings from previous campaigns.

Advertising is mass media content intended to persuade audiences of readers, viewers, or listeners to take action on products, services, and ideas. In order to understand the success of Nike’s advertising campaigns, it is necessary to know what advertising strategy it uses at first.

Focus On Communication
It is no secret that the success of Nike is based on its advertisement; communication is the key that enables the advertisement of Nike to be more attractive and effective. Similar to other sporting goods manufacturers, such as Adidas and Reebok, Nike was an early adopter of Internet marketing, email management technologies, and broadcasting and narrowcasting communication technologies to create...

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