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1.0 UK Media Environment Analysis2
2.0 Media Consumption Habits of Over 35-years-old Men3
2.1 Magazine4
2.2 Newspaper4
2.3 Radio5
2.4 TV5
2.5 Socail Media6
3.0 A4 Press Advertisement7
3.1 Advertisement on TV7
3.2 Advertisement on Magazines8
3.3 Advertisement on Newspapers8
3.4 Social Media9
4.0 Media Plan9
5.0 Media Schedule10
6.0 Control11
Appendix 112
Appendix 216
Appendix 317
List of References18

In this report we answer the key questions:
How does the current UK media environment as it applies to the market? What are people’s media consumption habits?
How to draft A4 press advertisement?
What creative message will be produce on the media?
How the same creative message will be reproduced to run as an advertising campaign on social media? What are media plan?
How to create media schedule?
How to control the campaign?
1.0 UK Media Environment Analysis
With the development of internet, the British are gradually changing media environment (Scolari, 2012). According to the figure of Warc Expenditure Report (2011), it was shown that only the proportion of internet advertising was growing year by year. By 2010, the Internet has shared 26% of total advertising expenditure (Figure 1). It also was found in figure 1 that traditional media such as newspapers, magazines, television had a decreasing trend from 2005 to 2010, 0% of 5-year growth rate was on television and outdoor, 5-year growth rate of magazines and newspapers were respectively 11% and 8%. Mitel (2009) data was shown that 70% of UK adults are now online, among them, the majority having home broadband. Internet users are more likely to browse the internet every day (85%) than watch TV (75%). In this situation, revenues from radio advertising were down 8.5% in 2008, while TV was down 4.9%, causing both markets to decline (Mintel, 2009).

Although printed media is in decline and electronic media is up, there are 80% of British adults reading a local newspaper (Davidson, 2013). The research of Mintel (2009) points out that the popularity of Free view drives digital TV uptake, with 88.2% of households receiving multichannel TV by 2008. Mintel (2009) estimates that TV subscriptions would increase and the number of multichannel households continue to climb.

Overall, the recent British media environment has changed a lot. Obviously, electronic media develop rapidly. Traditional media, however, cannot be ignored. According to the data of Mintel (2010), total UK advertising spend fell by around 13% in 2009, with press advertising the worst affected; internet advertising grew from 8% to 23% of total UK ad spend over the past five years, overtaking TV. Fill et al (2013) revealed in their studies that the cost of Internet rose dramatically between 2000 and 2011, from 155 million to 4,784 million. In spied of this, the expenditure of traditional media, such as television and radio, has a slight decline (Figure 2). Rapid changes in the media environment are the opportunity of advertising communication, as it can break the previous mode of transmission, opening up new channels of communication. In the same time, rapid changes in the media environment are also challenges for the consistency of advertising communication and media tool. That must be considered how to use a combination of new media and traditional media to spread the advertising of Audi A3 E-Tron Sprtback. 2.0 Media Consumption Habits of Over 35-years-old Men

Audi have decided to launch A3 E-Tron Sportback to enter the hybrid car market and to focus on successful men (35 yrs +). 35 years old succeed men could be as a Mr. Accomplished who is a leader and a go-getter. He is determined to succeed in life and knows from the early age that he needs to work hard in order to achieve his goals. He is a workaholic and places a lot of emphasis on impeccable work ethics and getting along with his colleagues. Equally, he aspires to be...

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