Dave, the Black Boy-Man: Anger, Gun, and a Long Track Record of Poor Judgment

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1. Introduction

In his article, Zinkhan (1993) says, without creativity, advertising could not exist, and due to its nature, creativity is hard to be measured. In his opinion, any advertising campaigns succeeded just because they “break commonly accepted rules of what a commercial message should be or say”. As everyone knows, with creativity, practitioners could produce totally different and uncommon advertisements, while what about the rest of them? This paper is being written for discussing and comparing three different video advertisements of beer. Moreover, doing a further discussion about creativity in advertising, to find out whether advertising could still exist without creativity, and both the positive and negative sides.

2. Creativity in Advertising

What is creativity? According to Drewniany and Jewler (2011), creativity advertisements are ads which make relevant connections between products and target audience and present commercial ideas, “in an unexpected way”. Creativity in Advertising is differing from that in other domains, due to the existence of products and target audience. No matter what advertisement it is, it should serve the product or service, to increase its popularity or selling. That is how creativity in advertising cannot be like art creativity which could be whatever the artists like. The first paid newspaper advertisement is an announcement for selling estate in 1704 (Pishko 2013). After reading the text of that ad, we can tell that at the beginning of advertising, there was no creativity. Publishers just expressed their selling messages directly. While in modern society, why creativity seems so important for advertising? Due to the development of global economy and technology, people have seen enough advertisements, especially ads of different brands in one same category. The use of creativity is to catch people’s attention, make them know the brand better than any others. Back to the topic, is it real that in modern world, advertising could not exist without creativity, or should it be advertising sometimes could be more effective with creativity?

3. Examples
4.1 Carlton Draught - The big ad

The big ad for Carlton Draught is an advertisement full of creativity. It matches the characteristics of creativity which is “in an unexpected way” (Drewniany and Jewler 2011). This ad used the scenery just like in the movie Lord of the Rings, the effective use of magnificent view and music catches audience’s attention right from the beginning. The funny lyric does not tell audience what ad it is until “for Carlton Draught”, it is unexpected while advertisements rarely directly say it, because it would cause people’s negative feelings. However in this ad, audience is already curious about the product. Furthermore, it describes men’s desire for Carlton Draught when the “body” and “beer” run towards each other. This ad with creativity is quite memorable thus audience would hardly forget this ad and product. What is more important, is consumes’ positive emotion on this ad would turn into the emotion on the product. That is how advertisements with creativity could be effective.

4.2 Heineken - not expensive

This is an old ad of Heineken. Compare to the former one, this ad does not have creativity in it. This ad is more like an ordinary beer ad which expresses the commercial message in an ordinary way.

This Heineken ad describes the process of a man drinking Heineken. It shows the characteristics of beer well. The purpose of this advertisement is to make audience feel desire for beer by effectively use scenes like beer flowing and water on the bottle. However, it is not that memorable as the Carlton Draught ads because it shows what any beer is. Consumers would not be able to remember this ad and its product over time. Moreover, the biggest problem of this ad is that it does not match its slogan which is “not that much more expensive”. This ad does not make...

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