Developing an advertising campaign checkpoint

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Developing an Advertising Campaign Checkpoint
Tara Bertram
December 18, 2013
Antonio Darosa

Developing an Advertising Campaign Checkpoint
An advertising campaign is a series of advertised messages that employ a common theme, which develops the integrated marketing communications. When developing an advertising campaign, it is necessary to come up with a campaign theme. A theme will help develop the tone for the individual advertisements and other selected forms of marketing that might be applied. When developing an advertising campaign, an initial step is to identify your target audience. In knowing your target audience, the company is able to create an advertising campaign that focuses on that specific group of people. Geico was able to determine that their target audience is any person who is old enough to drive a car because everyone needs insurance. Since this includes a wide range of ages, they were able to create many different types of advertisements. The next step would be to establish a budget and a main message. The main message that Geico is trying to get across to their consumers is that in a small amount of time they can save themselves money if they use them for their insurance needs. Everyone is supposed to have insurance and most people would like to save money. Designing the advertisement is the third step. Geico chose a myriad of ads to use such as starting out their commercials rhetorical questions, the Geico Gecko, and reality show themes. The appeal here is they are both comedic and serious, and they make you remember them. Geico has commercials where real customers give testimonials about the service they received and the money they saved with Geico, all while the someone else gives their commentary. The fourth step is to use surveys and focus groups to pretest what the ads will say. It is important to understand what will grab the attention of the consumer. Deciding the different types of media that will be...
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