Developing the Advertising Campaign

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Developing the ‘Advertising Campaign’

Today, advertising has become the most integral part of our society. It is the most accepted medium and has a wide spread impact over its viewers. Before we jump over about how to formulate different types of campaign, let us first look the definition of advertising.

“Advertising is the non-personal communication of the information usually paid for and usually persuasive in nature about the products, services or ideas by identified sponsors through various media.”

The purpose of this dissertation is to make the reader understand about what is advertising campaign and what are its types?

An advertising campaign is the complete advertising plan comprising of programmes which have been set up to accomplish the definite or purpose of advertising. A campaign may have different programmes such as consumer advertising, trade advertising, dealer advertising, corporate advertising with proper point of sale & other media selections to support the sales promotional activities& together they make up the overall plan which has one single objective i.e., “to sell effectively & economically”. All these different parts of programme of the total ad campaign must be co-ordinated with each other. Successful campaigns are built up to sell not only a product but also a corporate image.

In designing and evaluating an Ad campaign; it is important to distinguish the message strategy or positioning of an ad (what the attempts to convey about the brand) from its creative strategy (how the ad expresses the brand claims). So, designing effective advertising campaign is both an art and sciences.

To develop an effective ad campaign the following steps must be considered:

The firm must check on its reputation, position in the market, and financial strength. Secondly, whether the product is new or established, its differentiating features, the package and the total range of products. Third, talks about the selling pricing of the product and its relative competitive prices. Fourth, speaks about the number and types of potential customers, their location, and the total potential volume of safe. Fifth, marks the competition, the number and the strength of competitors, their marketing and advertising strategy. Sixth, is about the channels of distribution and their locations, degree of cooperation obtained by them at present. Seventh, is the purpose of advertising? Eighth, is the budget available with the product owners? Ninth, is the various media that would reach the potential market with the best appropriate media to be used for this particular product?

There are three decisions in developing an advertising campaign:

After gathering the above details we can carry forward with the main decisions such as:

1. What to say?

2. How to say? And

3. Where to say?

What to say? It constitutes the advertising policy and the copy platforms which is based on a carefully planned marketing strategy which itself is based on sound data.

How to say? It incorporates the whole reduction side of the advertising including the art works and the process of mechanical data in the methods of advertising.

Where to say? This is one of the most important methods of media selection, so that by suitable media supplementing and complementing each other the entire ad campaign is met with.

These are the underlined steps for advertising which every organization has to take up.

To develop a message strategy, advertisers go through three very fundamental steps:

1. Message generation & evaluation,

2. Creative development & execution, and

3. Social-responsibility review.

Message generation & evaluation: It is very important to generate fresh insights and avoid using the same appeals and position as others. A good Ad normally focuses on one or two core selling propositions. As a part of refining the brand...
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