Diary of Anne Frank Pgs. 75 - 175

Topics: Anne Frank, People associated with Anne Frank, Otto Frank Pages: 2 (555 words) Published: February 21, 2013
Diary of Anne Frank p.76-175

The people who are protecting Anne and her family are getting sick in the secret Annex and Anne’s father is nervous about some important business talks going on downstairs. Since Anne’s father is sick, her mom wants to say prayers with her but she doesn’t let her. Anne finds it harder to love her mother because she treats her differently. Anne acts really stubborn and doesn’t think she should apologize to her mother. Everyone in the house is upset with everyone and the amount of food smaller and smaller as they have to eat spinach or lettuce for lunch and rotting potatoes. Mr. Dussel has a birthday that he acts too happy about and he turns out to be selfish as he hides food for himself and acts ungrateful because they are actually saving him. Military rule was declared in Holland. Anne talks about how they are living in paradise when they are thinking about the other Jews. They have been in the secret Annex so long that everything is falling apart and clothes are starting to shrink. Anne wonders how her family will be able to recover financially after the war. Anne talks about how everyone have different views the war. Mr. Van Daan thinks the war won’t end until the end of 1943. Anne witnesses an air battle between German and British planes. The Allied soldiers, which were British, had to parachute out of their burning plane. Young people in Holland are being forced to join the Germans or do hard labor in Germany. The guns sounds are terrifyingly loud at night. Anne finally turns 14 and receives a birthday poem from Pim and a big Greek and mythology book. One of the protectors, Mr. Voskuijl, has terminal cancer. Everyone in the Secret Annex misses him dearly. Everybody in Holland has to turn in their radios to the officials. The Annex group, however, is getting a secret small one. People all throughout the country are trying to get a hold of old radios that they can turn in while secretly keeping another one on hand. Without a...
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