Different Types Of Appeals Used In Advertising

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Different types of appeals used in advertising
An advertising appeal is the theme used to attract the attention of audience towards a product , service or cause. It is the underlying content which connects with need or consumer and excites their interest in product and ad. Fear Appeal- Fear appeal is used when advertisers try to focus on the negative outcome of some action or inaction. Fear appeal tries to capture the negative emotions for modifying behavior or patterns of consumers. Using fear is a very effective way of advertising as fear is one of the most primitive emotions and attacks the gut directly. Fear appeal works when the action when the recommended action is specific, plausible effective. Government agencies often use this appeal while promoting safe driving or stop smoking campaigns. There is also another type of fear used that is the fear of isolation, people often use products to socially accepted .Products like deodorants and fairness creams sell on this proposition. Eg- An anti-smoking campaign in which a mother is travelling with her kid in a subway station. Then the mother suddenly disappears. After few minutes the child starts crying. The ad ends with a statement that “ this is what happens when your child loses you for few minutes, what will happen he if he lost your forever” Rational/Logic Appeals- This appeal focuses on a customer’s need for a functional product which adds value. This is the most direct form of advertising where the features of the products are used to convince the customer to buy the product. As understood the focus is on product and cost. The advertisers then try to back their claim with proof. Rational appeal is often used to sell business to business products because of its direct and no nonsense nature. Eg- Garnier men acno fight face wash ad which features Sushant Singh. The ad tells that how the product fights six causes of acne and lists them. Sushant is shown to box away these causes to have a clear skin....
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