Digital Advertising: Market Opportunities And Forecast 2013-2018

Topics: Advertising, Marketing, Mass media Pages: 3 (500 words) Published: October 20, 2014

Digital advertising methods have made a substantial impact on traditional media and advertising in recent years. Advancement of technologies and consumer preferences, such as handheld device usage, social media, and online news, is driving marketers to choose digital media platforms. This is causing a huge dislocation for traditional media, which is particularly hard hitting to print and TV based advertising.

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Digital is cost effective and facilitates quick responsive, a combination that equates to diminishing market share for traditional advertising. Emerging methods such as wearable technologies (augmented reality in particular) represent a completely new channel that will supplement existing wireless modalities such as smartphones and tablets.

This research evaluates digital advertising methods, key issues, challenges, and opportunities for players in the ecosystem. The report includes analysis of existing and emerging display/UI methods as well as supporting systems and procedures. The report also includes market driver evaluation and forecasts for digital advertising in various modalities.

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Target Audience:

Web portal companies
Advertisement agencies
Digital content providers
Internet media companies
Mobile network operators
Digital advertising companies
Mobile commerce companies
Mobile advertising companies
Wireless device manufacturers
Brand management companies

Report Benefits:

Digital advertising forecasts
Understand digital advertising strategies
Learn about the impact of Real-time Bidding (RTB)
Learn about direct response and commerce decision cycle
Identify trends and opportunities in various digital ad methods Understand emerging digital advertising methods such as...
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