Does Advertising Help or Harm Us?

Topics: Advertising, Newspaper, Marketing Pages: 2 (467 words) Published: June 19, 2013
Does advertising help or harm us?

As far as we know, advertising is a good way to promote any product that you want to sell such as, cell-phones, clothing, food, and drinks. Furthermore, advertisement is very used by companies who want to catch buyer´s attention. They make advertisement aimed at people through buses, taxicabs, T.V, and radio. As a consequence of that, they get good economically results for their companies. However, advertising also harm people especially young people because they get very excited to buy many things although they know their parents do not have money. However, they find the way that their parents buy the item that they desired to have such as, a modern cell-phone or a modern laptop that is why advertising is also not good for young people. So I think that advertising has a positive and negative side to us. Let´s see what the advantages of advertisements below are Advertising can help us in many points. You can get new information about products from many companies, and also it can make people get a real decision which product they should buy when they go out doing shopping because of technology today. Besides, people do not spend many time shopping. They just call to purchase what they need from the company. Mainly, advertising does not only help us to buy or do shopping easily. In addition, it helps us to know the quality of products. Companies know the strategies of doing business through advertisement. For instance, they use media system to advertise, such as using good slogans, radio, TV, newspaper, and magazines. They are mediums to persuade buyers. As a result, they get successful business. On the other hand, advertising can harm young people and also young women for the following reasons: young people as I said have great emotion when they see something that they really like, and they want to have it. As a result, they do as much as possible to get it even they get into debt their parents in order to...
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