Domino: Advertising and Media Strategy

Topics: Advertising, Target audience, Mass media Pages: 2 (785 words) Published: May 9, 2015
Domino’s Case Study

1.What are the benefits for the Domino’s brand for selecting this media strategy Lydia
Reaching a large audience
Attitude and personality of show differentiate brand
Differentiated Domino’s by personality, not simply product or innovation Allowed Domino’s to own a property
Allowed Domino’s to be aired every day of the year AND at dinner time Acted almost like promotion as advertisement encouraged an immediate response given consumers would see it at dinner time and then feel like pizza Complimented target audience (18-24 year olds) whose base environment is the Internet, and who often seek answers (dinner solutions) online Brittany

The benefits for the brand in selecting this media strategy is that The Simpsons offers a huge audience, so this sponsorship enables a massive reach, in particular, with their intended target audience. The Simpsons were identified as the ideal programme for their target audience, so having these characters consuming and promoting Domino’s proved to be very influential. It was also beneficial for Domino’s as a study that found 67.6% of The Simpson’s viewers liked to eat take-away foods and 44.3% of Pizza Hut customers chose to watch the show, so it was the perfect platform to reach and persuade their two identified target audiences. The media strategy also allowed the brand to be exposed on air every single day, and constant exposure assists in turning the audience towards the brand.

2.Taking into account Domino’s brand attitude strategy and target audience, evaluate the selection of media strategy. Gab
Considering Dominos brand attitude strategy is low involvement transformational, visual content is crucial when creating a media strategy and it only requires a brief processing time, however relatively high frequency is necessary because of a generally slower brand attitude development. When applying Domino’s brand attitude, TV was the perfect medium. Selecting The Simpsons as the sponsor was the ideal...
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