Dose the Advertising Help or Harm Us?

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Dose the advertising help or harm us?

Since the media has been coming in this age, advertising is growth very fast such as advertising about food, computer, beer etc. Because of population is increasing in differences way from year to year, advertisers try to persuade and support their products to buyers. Manu people are happy to know about advertising. For my idea, advertising really help and harm us.

Advertising can help us many points. You can get new information about products from many companies, and also with the technology today. It can make you to get a real decision which product you should buy for your favorite, and you don’t spend many times to do shopping. You just call to purchase what you need from the company. Mainly, advertising doesn’t only help us easy to buy or do shopping and know the quality of products, but it also shows you know the strategies of doing business in a company. For example, they use media system to advertise, such as using good slogans, poster, radio, TV, newspaper, magazine are their directions to persuade buyers, after that they get successful business.

One other thing is advertising can tell us the ability of company. After you watch, read, listen, you can value the real ability of company, so you can know whether it is a big or small and it is weak or strong company.

Not only help us, but advertising truly harm us too. When you read more information, advertising will make you have a great emotion to buy many things. However you don’t have enough money, you imagine getting it. Sometimes you have money, so you buy it soon. Advertising is also not good for young people. For instance, a student sees advertising on TV about modern smart phone of computer then he wants to get it. After that, he will ask parents to do it for him, so he doesn’t care the ability of the family whether their parents have money or not. Most young people just keep their emotion to buy what they want.

Advertising can cause many problems....
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