Dove: Advertising and Body Odor

Topics: Advertising, Body odor, Target market Pages: 2 (307 words) Published: August 11, 2011
When considering the product Dove it is a deodorant which gives extra protection for people who have body odor and it helps when a person needs it to protect from getting body odor, therefore Dove deodorant won't make the move, the tag line that Unilever use for Dove will be used by unity Consultant to promote the product by using a new promotional campaign. Basically Dove has wide range of antiperspirant deodorants to protect people from getting body odor and it gives 24 hours protection, further, it gives physically freshness and mentally confident, even in the toughest moments.
4.1 Target Market
The promotional campaigns of Dove was mainly focused on it’s primary consumers who were young adult females involved in sports, and of course the working population of women and not-working women 16-45 who want to stay fresh and have an active life style and have the confidence to spend the rest of the day without having to worry about body odor. .

4.2 Communication Objectives
Increase Dove brands market share by 10% within one year. •Create awareness among the target group within one year to 30%. •Create positive feelings about the brand among 30% and preference among 15% of the target audience. •Communicate key benefits of the Dove deodorant that appeal to the target market. (

4.3 Campaign Idea
• Increase brand awareness.
• Build brand image.
• Increase customer traffic.
• Increase inquiries from end users.
• Provide information
. Increasing consumption of an established brand

They followed IMC tools as follows,

4.4 Advertising

The main objective in advertising this was to create awareness and provide information about Dove and to make Dove the best product in the deodorant industry. Every major medium had been used to deliver these messages, including television, radio, magazines, newspapers, the Internet, carrier bags and...
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