Early Development of Advertising in the Philippines

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Early Development of
Advertising in the Philippines

• Earliest Filipino traders engaged in some sort of
advertising, not unlike the primitive forms
practiced by the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans

Before the advent of Spaniards in 1521
Our forefathers made use of
printed signs to communicate
their business messages:

• Writings on the
shoulders of excavated
jars from Calatagan.
Batangas and Mindoro
(14th-15th century)
bear the title of the
piece and sevensyllabic lines evocative
of Tagalog poetic
compositions called

• Town criers or some sort of
printed materials during the
galleon trade in Manila

• 1637- The first Philippine newsletter,
Succesos Felices was established
• 19th century – first newspaper del Superior
Govierno saw print. Readers were kept
abreast of the local developments and
news of war between Spain and France.
Publication stopped after 15 issues.

• La Esperanza – firs daily newspaper.
Published only religious, scientific and
historical stories
• 1848- El Diario de Manila put up by
Felipe del Pan. Lasted 38 years during
the Spanish period

Early History
of print Ads

Growth of advertising ensued with
the development of printing and
journalism. Advertising inextricably
linked to the economic and social
Towards the 19th century, Philippines
caught up with the Industrial
Raised the purchasing power among
limited segments of the population
Boosted production
Necessitated the use of print medium
supported by advertisement to sell
goods and services

• Dec. 1, 1846- La Esperanza
emerged with paid
advertisements. Other dailies
followed suit.
• 1896- majority of Philippine
newspapers and magazines
was subsidized by advertising.
• Best journalism, some from
Spain, were hired.

Advertisements during the second
half of the 19th century

Mostly textual
Indicating the product or
service and its outlet or its
Type used and the presentation
was uninteresting
Hardly any full-page ads in
magazines or newspaper
Ads were wholly business
But when competition for
advertisement billing grew
tougher, purely textual ad gave
way to illustration

• Ads contained
• Picture power led to
color advertisements

Turn-of-the century Print Ads
• Straddled in loyalty between the once great
Spain and USA.
• Ads were (true until now) effective indexes to
prevailing social and cultural history of a

Popular Reading Material
• Excelsior
– audience was the Spanish-speaking middle class

• Manila Times
– founded by Thomas Cowan,
– written in English,
– staid and male-oriented,
– catering to American businessmen and

• Filipinas

fine bilingual,
articles both Spanish and Tagalog,
purely woman magazine
Staple fare included fashion, child welfare, home
management, furnishings, novelty items. Recipies and
private lives of European blue-bloods

• Renacimiento Filipino
– General magazine which contained Tagalog section
although written in Spanish

Advertisements Discern Consumer
Needs and wants
• Western lifestyle
• Represented the ultimate, the best
and the finest
• Promises of foreign import houses
such as:
– Springli and Company
– Alfredo Roensch and company
– Elegant shopping areas such as
Escolta and Rosario in Binondo

• Products and services targetted
the upscale market A and B

Fads and Fashions depicting the good life

Horse-drawn carriages
Amateur photography
American or all-white suit
Huge hats
Long white or pastel street dresses for shopping

What kind of Copy did the ads carry?
• Centered on what the product is basically
• Sometimes list of goods in stock
• Announcement of the arrival of consignments
of imported products
• Addresses and office hours of professionals
(like classified ads today)
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