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Topics: Stock market, Stock, Investment Pages: 3 (1148 words) Published: August 18, 2014
The sharemarket is an institute where people can make incredible profits and lose it all just as easily. The ASX sharemarket game is an educational tool used by thousands of schools throughout the country to gain better understanding of how the share market works. The ASX sharemarket game simulates the Australian share market using exact prices and fluctuations. In the share market game students create syndicates to invest under, each syndicate are given a virtual $50,000 to invest with. The first day of trading began this year on the 13th of March and closes on the 21st of May. The students have a total of ten weeks to accumulate as much profit as they can.

The class is broken up into groups or syndicates. The students create a name for there syndicate, which will be the the profile they invest under. Spillin the Milk invested in four different companies, three of the companies resulted in a loss and one company gave profit, but the profit was so miniscule that it didn’t impact enough for us to breach the $50,000 mark.
Spillin the Milks initial plan was to invest in companies offering dividends and then once receiving the dividend we would sell the shares. This is why we decided to invest in James Hardie Industries (JHX) a company specialising in manufacturing fibre cement building products, we purchased 850 shares at $14.56 per share on the 14th of march. The JHX dividend was at 31c per share, resulting in a $263.50 gain. We decided to hold on to the shares which turned out to be a profitable decision because the share ended up at $14.60 allowing for a profit of 4c per share. Because we decided not to sell the share after the dividend was distributed our initial plan was flawed when we didn't sell the shares after receiving the dividend. It was our best decision to invest in JHX because it was the only one of our companies to result in profit.

Next we decided to invest in Ardent Leisure Group (AAD) a company that owns and operates large leisure...
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