Effective Communication

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Effective Communication


December 13, 2009

Gilat Ben-Dor

Effective communication is a skill that most people do not have. Effective

communication plays an important role in your everyday life activities.

Whether you are at work, at home, or just among other people.

V. Kotelnikov, the author of “ Effective Communication, The Art, Science, and

Practice “ says there are four main goals to effective communication; to inform, to

request, to persuade, and to build relationships.

To inform, you must be able to give information without receiving anything back.

To request, you must be able to ask questions expecting feedback. To persuade, you

must be able to convince them why they should believe you. To build relationships, you

must be able to build good will with whom you are communicating with. You should

always want people to feel good about holding a conversation with you.

Effective communication has many important factors. I believe that one of the

most important factors in effective communication are being a good listener. If you are

not listening to what a person is saying, how can you effectively communicate? The

person will think you are ignoring them.

Another important factor of effective communication is self-confidence. If you show

confidence in whom you are and what you are discussing, people will want to listen and

carry a conversation with you.

Another important factor is eye contact. When communicating with someone, always

use eye contact. When people lack self-confidence, they avoid eye contact. Therefore,

sometimes not taken seriously; or worse, you are thought of to be dishonest.

Another important factor is to show interest in someone else other than yourself.

When engaged in a conversation, it should not always be about you. A conversation is

between two or more people, not one. You should ask open-ended questions versus yes

or no questions. For example, instead of saying do you like this dress? You should say

what do you think about this dress? The second question sparks an effective

communication for a conversation. To avoid silence awkwardness, try not to use open-

ended questions. When asking questions in a conversation, try not to ask to many. You

are holding a conversation, not an interrogation. When trying to effectively communicate,

you should get right to the point. If you have something to say, say it. Do not waste the .
other person’s time.

My last important factor of effective communication is knowledge. Knowledge is

power. The more you know, the more effectively you can communicate to others.

Without effective communication, you may not be able to apply for a job, advance in

your career, or build lasting relationships.

For example, try asking a question about how to fill out a job application. If your

question was not asked with proper effective communication, you might appear to be

incapable of filling out the application. Try going in for an interview for a job.

Effective communication is a very important skill to have when communicating

with the interviewer. Without effective communication, how will you know if you

answered the questions properly. Did you listen? Did you show confidence? Did you use

eye contact? Did you show interest in what the interviewer was saying? Did you use

knowledge? These were important factors described earlier in effective


Another scenario: Let us say you were up for a promotion, but to receive it

you had to present a final presentation. You approached your boss and asked for some

time off to prepare. You took more time off than your boss thought you needed.

Therefore, you lost the...

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