Effective Print Advertising

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How to Succeed in Newspaper Advertising
* A smaller advertisement being posted for a long duration is likely to succeed rather than a fairly large advertisement appearing a couple of times. Familiarity leads to trust. * Most shoppers read the Friday, Saturday and Sunday papers. In case you own a retail store a newspaper ad on any of these 3 days is more likely to get noticed. * People read the newspaper on different days when they want select information. If your competitors are posting their ad on that particular day, you know when the advertisement must run. * Your ad must be consistent. Do not change your ad suddenly as the readers might not recognise your business and will just brush it aside. * Always mention your contact address and number for the readers to call you directly.

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* Heading - A powerful headline for your advertisement will attract the reader. Short phrases are preferred. Short phrases with a hint of humour are better! The headline must be consistent and the font should be stylish enough to read clearly. * The Message - Though all the people reading the paper read the entire story; doesn’t mean they will read your ad the same way too. Make it crisp and to the point. Bullet points are better as they look more professional rather than a paragraph cramped with words. * Space - Use the black and white text effectively. Your newspaper ad will stand out if you use minimal text on a black or white field. * Logo - If you have a logo for your company, make sure it is run along with the text. It makes it easier for the people to associate with your company. * Placement - The logo and the contact information should be given top priority. For newspaper ads, the bottom right corner is suggested. This is because people read from left to right and top to bottom. You can include your website and email id as well. The rate of placing an advertisement in a newspaper depends on which newspaper you want your...
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