Effectiveness of Online Advertising

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Aashima Malik


I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who have helped me in the fulfillment of this project study.

First and foremost I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Mr. Nitin Mantri, my mentor, whose guidance and supervision helped me fulfill my individual research paper. His contribution has been immeasurable.

I would also like to thank my friends who were extremely supportive throughout this period – I cannot thank everyone enough.


I, Nitin Mantri, certify that Aashima Malik, student of Advertising & Public Relations 2009-2010 has completed her Individual Research paper on Effectiveness of Online Advertising under my guidance.

(Nitin Mantri)


1. Executive Summary

2. Introduction & Backgrounder
• What is online advertising
• Types of online advertising
• Growth of online advertising in India

3. Some Online Campaigns
• Virgin Mobile
• Cadbury’s Perk
• Aircel saveourtigers
• Tata Indicom

4. Research Design
• Objectives
• Research Methodology
• Target segmentation and profile
• Sample size break up

5. Major Findings

6. Annexure
• Questionnaire copies ( 2 copies)
I. Online Agencies
II. Consumers
• Bibliography


The project taken was on the effectiveness of Online Advertising. Online Advertising in India is still in its nascent stage. This study called for an in-depth analysis of the present day scenario of online advertising in India and the challenges faced by this industry. The study shows that there are a number of factors that are advancing the market of online advertising in India. Growing internet user base, increasing time spent on the internet, broadband penetration into the households and fragmented media consumption of consumers are driving advertisers towards the field of online advertising. But there are a few limitations to this sector as well, the primary one being low broadband penetration in the country. Thus, the field of online advertising promises growth as it is interactive, targets specific consumers and has no geographical or time boundaries.

With the help of all the primary and secondary data collected and analyzed, certain trends and conclusions came forth. The first and foremost thing in this project was to understand the influencers (online advertising agencies). Why various sectors are getting into the field of online understanding, what are the features of an online advertisement, what are the advantages of internet as a medium over other forms of media, objectives of an online campaign, which sectors are investing in this field and what are the limitations of internet as a medium of advertising – all these are listed under the major findings. The next thing was to understand the average consumers who had to be users of internet. Why they use internet, do they notice these advertisements, if yes do they take any action, if no then what is the reason for the same, do they think that online advertising is more engaging, if not what is their preferred medium for advertising, whether they have been pursued to take any action regarding the product/service after watching the online advertising and whether they think that online advertising has any limitations or not – all these are listed in detail under major findings. For this, students studying across Delhi, pursuing graduate/post-graduate and various professional courses were among the target audience. The reason behind this was that students these days spend a lot of time on the internet whether it is for acquiring information or social networking sites. They are present their on the medium and notice these...

Bibliography: 2 Study on Online Banner Advertising in India by IMRB for IAMA (August 2008)
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