Effects of Advertising

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Effects of Advertising Paper

“Today advertisements are everywhere and in every media form” (Campbell, Martin, & Fabos, 2012) It comes in forms of newspapers, magazines, websites on the Internet, mailboxes, wallpapered on buses, these are just some of the examples there are many other types of advertising. Because of this advertising has the ability to effect society and individual consumption.

“The average American comes into contact with five thousand forms of advertisement each day” (Campbell, Martin, & Fabos, 2012) Companies use advertising to spread the word, take current technologies for example, companies promote products showing how they improve a persons everyday life. Another example of showing the way advertising effects society is how ads have an impact on the standards of beauty, portraying not the average female but extremely slim models, raising the standards of beauty especially among adolescence..

Advertising has a major effect on children and some ads have a soul purpose of targeting children. Studies have shown that a commercial as little as thirty seconds long can influence the brand choice for children as young as two. (Campbell, Martin, & Fabos, 2012) Though studies have also shown that advertising deserves attention from the recipient only when it is something useful, and reflects his/her interests. “Advertisements are perceived by people as a devious part of their everyday life which they do not need to pay much attention” (Zich & Frantisek, 2012) This may be one reason that advertisements are meant to be eye catching, some may have a catchy song that people are still singing years after it is aired. Them some may work to stress how certain products would fit into the lives of ordinary people.

The Beats By Dre commercial is one example of an advertisement that stresses how their product fits into the lives of ordinary people. The company held auditions and picked ten winners out of 126 countries, these were ordinary people but...
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