Effects of Advertising on Children

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Overall view on advertisingAdvertising is the communication relayed from companies to persuade an audience to purchase their products. This communication is usually through various forms of paid media -- TV and radio commercials, print ads, billboards and more recently, product placement. Ads are placed where advertisers believe they will reach the largest, most relevant audience. Commercial businesses use advertising to drive the consumption of their product, while non-profit organizations may place ads to raise awareness or encourage a change in behavior or perception.

Advertising is the form of communication by fresh ways that the ad-filmmakers used to encourage, persuade or entice the consumers to buy their products. If an advertisement for a product attracts the consumers, they tend to purchase it frequently or at least give it a try. If a company has to survive in this competitive world, it has to project the image of its products in such a way that, they pick up the maximum sales. Nowadays, advertising plays an important role in the society, and since children form the major parts of the target group for advertisers, many advertisements focused on children are a proof of this fact. Today, children are watching more television than years ago, and thus viewing more advertisings. Many books have been written and many studies and reports done on the effects of TV advertising on children. In this presentation, we will look at some different positive and negative effects of TV advertisement on children, and give some suggestions as a solution to limit negative effects of advertising on children.

I. Positive effects of advertising on children

- Advertising makes the kids aware of the new products available in the market. It increases their knowledge about the latest innovations in the field of technology.

- Alive and flashy images with short messages like a motto, and charming models stimulate children’s imagination and their intelligence. - Certain advertisements, with strong messages motivate the kids in chasing their future prospects such as becoming a doctor, scientist or an engineer. They generate the passion in children, regarding their future and makes them realize the importance of education. - Some advertisements inculcate good habits in children, as all the toothpaste companies create strong awareness regarding dental hygiene in kids.  

II. Negative effects of advertising on children

-Children may make excessive demands on their parents for the products they see in the advertisements. At times, they cry, pinch, pull and will not keep quiet till the parents purchase the product. Some parents who cannot control their children may fall in anger with them.

-Junk food advertisements influence children greatly, leading to an increased demand for junk food by children. When children watch young adults eating junk foods in the advertisements they assume that it is good for the health. They are unaware of the fact that junk food does not contain nutritional value. They may even think that by eating these junk foods they might become like the thin and fit models in the advertisements. These unhealthy eating habits lead to diseases, such as obesity, heart diseases, high-blooded pressure. It even influences the way the kids think about the actual taste of food.

- Children often tend to misinterpret the messages conveyed in commercial advertisments. They end up having wrong believes about many problems. Sometimes, they imitate the acts of models in the ad-films. For example, they can try smoking, drinking wine or beer. - As more and more advertisments are becoming animated, children are unable to understand the difference between real world and fantasy. They tend to have difficulties in doing tasks such as solving puzzles and reading. III. Solutions to limit negative effects of advertising on children

- Parents play a major role in this case. Parents should teach their children of how to be...
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