Effects of Food Advertising

Topics: Advertising, Nutrition, Brand Pages: 2 (711 words) Published: March 3, 2013
To most, advertising is something that does not seem significant. In reality, however, advertising can influence and sway people in dangerous ways. Children are especially susceptible to its dangers. Advertising is most dangerous when it is on children’s shows. Young people view more than forty thousand ads per year, and are increasingly exposed to advertising on the internet, in magazines, and in school. Some Web sites target kids by trying to build relationships with them. They try to get children to remember their brands and establish brand loyalty. Brand loyalty is an extremely important concept for advertisers, because most people who are loyal to one brand generally do not switch to other brands very easily. This gives companies a greater incentive to bombard people with ads when they are young and still forming their opinions. Some sites aim to build brand loyalty by offering games for children to play, while making sure that the product or the trademark is a noticeable part of the game. Magazine advertising can help build a brand’s seeming validity and improves business. Magazines build a brand’s business in several important ways. Some improvements made include an increase brand consideration and an increase brand trial. A third way which business improves is an increase in frequency of brand purchase Many advertisements being directed towards children are food advertisments. Many of these food advertisements that children are being exposed to are products that are of low nutritional value. More than two hundred school districts have signed agreements with food companies nationwide. Within these districts, there are more than forty-five hundred Pizza Hut chains and more than three thousand Taco Bell chains in school cafeterias. Many educational posters in schools are advertising candy to children, when it will only rot their teeth and make them gain weight. Along with food advertisements many young children are even being shown cigarette...
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