Enviroment Factors

Topics: Sociology, Environment, Management Pages: 1 (298 words) Published: August 29, 2013
HSM 220-1
Checkpoint: Enviroment Factors
Yesenia Echavarria

The 4 external environmental factors are, economic factor, sociological factor, political/professional factor and technological factor. The economic factor is very important to any organization because is the one in charge to research for founding sources, clients or consumer or noncash revenue. The sociological factor has the task where manager have to attempt and understand community demographic, and is very important to understand socioeconomic. The political/professional factor have the task environment of nonprofit organization in other words have to deal with laws and regulation, and for last technological factor refer to all that have to be with the equipment, like, computer, software and hardware.

The 6 internal factors are belief, vision, mission, culture, goals and product. Mission is a philosophical statement to project ideas for the population your served. Belief is the value that any company should have to motivate the organization action. Vision is very important because without the vision you won’t be able to see what going on around the organization and it will be more difficult to achieve the organization goals. Culture is important to an organization because involve all the different kind of people your working with and you need to treat any one different and with respect. Goals are a good motivation and require a lot of effort tor reach. Product is what you are accomplishing when you meet all need above.

In my opinion I believe that sociological and vision are the most important to an organization because you need to understand and treat any person in different and approached to them with respect. I also believe a good manager need to have the vision to result any kind of difficulty and planning how to resolve in the best way they can.
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