equity valuation models

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Equity Valuation
-Determining the total value of a company involves more than reviewing assets and revenue figures. An equity valuation takes several financial indicators into account; these include both tangible and intangible assets, and provide prospective investors, creditors or shareholders with an accurate perspective of the true value of a company at any given time Significance of Equity Valuation Model

-Equity valuations are conducted to measure the value of a company given its current assets and position in the market. These data points are valuable for shareholders and prospective investors who want to find out if the company is performing well, and what to expect with their stocks or investments in the near future. Intrinsic Value

-Present Value of a firm’s cash flow discounted by the firms required rate of return. Market Price
- The current quoted price at which investors buy or sell a share of common stock or a bond at a given time. Also known as "market price." Estimated Value and Market Price
Under Valued – Intrinsic value is greater than the market price. Fair Valued – Intrinsic value is equal to the market price. Over Valued – Intrinsic value is less than the market price.

Many analysts use more than one type of model to estimate value. Analysts recognize that each model is a simplification of the real world and that there are uncertainties related to model appropriateness and the inputs to the models. The choice of model(s) will depend on the availability of information to input into the model(s) and the analyst's confidence in the information and in the appropriateness of the model (s). Equity Valuation Models

Three major categories of equity valuation models are as follows: Present value models (synonym: discounted cash flow models). These models estimate the intrinsic value of a security as the present value of the future benefits expected to be received from the security. In present value models,...
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