Essay 6 Cause And Effect

Topics: Study skills, Knowledge, Personal life Pages: 2 (517 words) Published: March 2, 2015
Tashia Powell
Dr. Nancy Nanney
ENGL 101: Composition 1
November 19, 2014
Essay #6: Cause and Effect
When in Doubt, Study Abroad
The main reason I would choose to study abroad would be to gain life experience. I believe that experiencing different cultures can enrich my life and make me an asset to others. Studying abroad could give me extra knowledge necessary for a job interview or even in my daily life. I cannot think of any downsides to taking advantage of an opportunity so enriching, except for being away from my family and friends for so long.

I believe the experience gained through studying abroad can open my mind to situations I am not familiar with. Studying abroad will allow me to learn new information about myself. Being exposed to a different way of life will allow me to gain knowledge and adapt. While studying abroad, opportunities of a different culture, including the country’s food, can be a new experience every day. By allowing myself to discover new food, there is a great chance that I will actually enjoy the culture’s cuisine. While abroad I could develop an appreciation for the culture’s art or music. Studying in another country will allow me the chance to develop new life-long lasting friendships. Friendships may be continued through letters, e-mail, Facebook, etc. I believe enlightenment may be achieved through traveling abroad as well. While studying abroad, I may discover a feeling of something I have been missing. This opportunity may allow that hole to be filled. 2

Life experience from travel could also help me in a professional setting. One day I may have a job where I am responsible for handling clients from foreign countries. The knowledge I have gained from studying abroad may help me in my business adventure. It could be something as simple as knowing people’s likes or dislikes. This could help me advance in the company I am employed with. Essentially, having the experience from traveling abroad could help make a better...
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