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Topics: Mass media, Advertising, Drug addiction Pages: 3 (949 words) Published: November 11, 2013
How far we've come:
How Drugs are even in Advertisements
As governments fight against the production and consumption of drugs, some companies are using them as advertisements to sell their product and make it look as if it was normal. In fact, almost fifteen percent of the population in United States with the age of fourteen and older is consuming drugs (Borden). There are dangers of using drugs in advertisements directed toward the youth culture, such as the one illustrated by an SISLEY print advertisement. In the article "Sisley: Fashion Junkie" Balendu asserts that some advertisements are promoting the consumption of drugs indirectly. The purpose of the author in the article is to avoid using drugs in advertisements directed towards youth culture, because it can have damages that it causes to society, families and individuals in the long-term. Balendu also presents his arguments by analyzing the dangers of using drugs in advertisements directed to youth people. In fact ,Youth culture is Balendu's primary audience; Therefore, using credible sources and analyzing he tries to persuade his audience by effectively use pathos and logos. In this advertisement for SISLEY we can notice a dark background and black bricks with a peculiar white mark on the upper left as if someone had painted his hand. Below there are two girls one of them lying on a couch and the other kneeling looking relaxed, around a black shiny table. The girl in the left that is kneeling has blond hair and a black hair line in the middle and black shades under her eyes. She is wearing a black transparent dress. She has black-painted nails and is holding a white straw in her nose as if sniffing the white dress that is resting on the table. The other girl is wearing a small purple dress and has brown hair. She is looking into the camera with blank eyes and with an expression of being on some kind of intoxicant. This girl also has black nails and is holding a white straw that is placed on the...

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