Ethical Advertising

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* A public notice meant (a) to convey information (b) invite patronage or some other response. Inform and persuade ("stimulate demand"). From a marketing context, advertising could be defined as "a paid form of nonpersonal communication about an organization and/or its products that is transmitted to a target audience through a mass medium." Therefore one kind of promotional activity, separate from publicity (free), sales promotion (not forms of communication), and personal selling (not impersonal nor through a mass medium). * Morally neutral: neither in itself good nor bad. 

Reason: Advertising is a tool.

Economic Function
* Advertising communicates the message in persuasive language * It creates wide markets as the information is delivered to people far and wide * It inclines people favorably to the products and affect our attributes * Therefore, advertising performs an economic function by being an art of persuasion * Advertising is also an economic process-it helps the product to become known and it facilitates exchange between those who need the product and those who can satisfy the need * Provides employment opportunities (in advertising industry) Social Function

* Advertising affects the core cultural values and subsidiary cultural values * Advertising is a mirror to the society in which it operates. It reflects the cultural values of that society * Advertising can also transfer some cultural values of one society to other * Advertising has improved our standard of living

Example : We buy Television, , cars etc. after getting interested in these products through advertising.
We have accepted new ideas such as microwave, electric shaving etc through advertising. Social Function
* Advertising protects the consumer by education them and by forcing the manufacturers to maintain quality and to be fair. Therefore, advertising brings about consumer welfare in two ways – by improving standard of living and by improving product quality. Psychological function

* Advertising is closely linked to consumer behavior.
* Therefore it affects personality of consumer, his concept of self, his attitudes, beliefs, opinions, his life-stle etc. * Advertising appeals to our physiological and psychological motives.

* Advertisements are not just sellers
* They reflect the society
* Whatever is used in society is reflected in advertising Example:
* Indian society is highly family oriented (example ads: savings for children, daughter’s marriage) * Indian society is people-oriented, and not self oriented * For the sake of our family and others, we Indians can postpone our own gratification * We are also fun loving (example ads: Lux, Coke, Denim Jeans etc.)

* Principles of the moral order must be applied to the domain of media * Human freedom has a purpose: making an authentic moral response. All attempts to inform and persuade must respect the purposes of human freedom if they are to be moral. * Morally good advertising therefore is that advertising that seeks to move people to choose and act rationally in morally good ways; morally evil advertising seeks to move people to do evil deeds that are self-destructive and destructive of authentic community * Means and techniques of advertising must also be considered: manipulative, exploitative, corrupt and corrupting methods of persuasion and motivation Three Specific Moral Principles

1. RESPECT TRUTHFULNESS (deception objection)
* Never directly intend to deceive
* Never use simply untrue advertising
* Do not distort the truth by implying things that are not so or withholding relevant facts * "Puffery" is acceptable where it is consonant with recognized and accepted rhetorical and symbolic practice 2....
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