Ethics-Deceptive Advertising(Unfinished)

Topics: Advertising, Advertising agency, Philippines Pages: 4 (1129 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Title: False Advertising: Why still continued?
“There’s a TRUTH in ADVERTISING”. This is the main motto of our local advertising companies and industries. And today some of us really watch TV and sometimes see an ad/commercial advertisement thru print and online sources. But there is a time that we may ask questions for ourselves: Do we know if it is right to use (like products or anything that is eye-contact) or we just stupidity fool ourselves around. Okay let’s just say that some of us have TV, like 70 out of 100, but the remaining 30 don’t have TVs at home. “Advertising”? What do you know about this word? It is surrounded by thousands of net profit and buy/sell products. Export here and import there and mostly are surrounded by thousands of investors worldwide. Here in our country, we are basically the biggest net profit nowadays. And together as the competitive increasing marketing profit buyers and sellers, there will be more market targets to invest. And one of them is to “Advertise” something through Media. But how about this, what if thru “Advertise”, there’s a FALSE thru advertising? There is simply a FAILURE and each one of us is a VICTIM of this kind of act. And this is the only thing that they can do in order to make up some profits here in our country. I will discussed to you the importance and the state of false advertising and why they are still continuing to tricked us all through this kind of social media and one of the basic matters to promote good and quality products. And to figure it out why we just continued to be just a simple ordinary people who believe that these are all truly and barely a FALSE?

Time Line of the History of Advertising in the Philippines
Early 1920’s- Frank J.Herrier was one of the first to pioneer in the Philippine Advertising. He began by organizing the publicity departments of the Pacific Commercial Company (PCC), the country’s largest importing house whose annual billings...
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