Ethics of Advertising

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 Certified that this project titled“ETHICS IN ADVERTISMENT is the bonafide work of SAKTI PRASAD MOHANTY, SATHISH.K , SHAHEENSIKKANDAR, SHANAWAZ ALAM, SHAILENDRA SHUKLA,SHAKUNTALA KUMARI. to the S.R.M. UNIVERSITY(SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT) in partial fulfillment of therequirement for the award of Master of Businessadministration and that the project has not been thebasis for the award previously of any degree, diploma,scholarship, fellowship, or other similar title. Signature of the GuideSignature of the HOD

I extend my deep felt gratitude to respected chairman Thiru .T. R PACHAMUTHU, and to dean Dr. JAYSHREESURESH for valuable suggestion to imparted to us.I wish to thank Prof. R.S ASHMITA  
my faculty guide whohad infinite interest and helped me at all times withvaluable suggestion to enable me to carry out my projectwith great confidence & enthusiasm.

I, the undersigned dohereby declare that the project report entitled  
“ETHICS INADVERTISMENT” written and submitted by undersignedstudents as work conducted under the guidance, seniorlecturer, In partial fulfillment of the requirement for theaward of degree of Master of Business Administrationprogram of the SRM SCHOOL OF  

MANAGEMENT. Theempirical findings in this report are based on the datacollected by our team .The matters included in thisproject are not a reproduction from any source. wefurther declared that any part this project itself has notbeen submitted elsewhere forward of any degree.PLACE : KATTANKULATHUR

The title of my project is ETHICAL ISSUES IN ADVERTISING. Advertising can be defined as any paid form of non personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods or services through mass media such as newspapers, magazines, television or radio by an identified sponsor So basically advertising is a mass communications device through which companies promote or market their product to the consumer, and this enables them to make informed consumption decisions. As now a days advertisements have a very great impact on the consumer’s behavior; it plays very important role in our Indian economy directly or indirectly. So if it become unethical it leads our society in wrong direction .To overcomes these problems certain ethical standards are set up by the government and I want to throw a light on this only. As it is a very wide field so here I am restricted to the electronic media only .We have to think about this unethical problem and this wrong presentation of business .So that we can give good ethics to our youngsters XECUTIVE SUMMARY

The title of the project is “
Advertising can be defined as any paid form of non personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods or services through mass media such as newspapers, magazine ,television or radio by an identified sponsor. INTRODUCTION

Advertising plays an important part in our everyday lives as it enables us to choose between different ranges of products. These products are promoted  through different types of advertisements and cater to all types of markets. On the other hand advertising is plagued with social and ethical issues as it results in over consumption and waste of resources. Advertising creates an environment where it abuses certa in values and interests that are not universally agreed upon .

For example in 2001 Yves Saint Laurent launched a fragrance called ‘Opium which featured a naked model. This stirred controversy and people found it offensive and sex was being used openly to promote a perfume. For a fashion magazine the advertisement was fine but for billboard sit was inappropriate and some social groups found it morally and ethically wrong. Sometimes advertising draws mixed response from the public, while sometimes it becomes controversial....
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