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Few Simple and Easy Tips to Get Facebook Fans Free and Fast * 1Post A Status Update About your Page

Let the world know that you have a new page and you would like them to visit it and like it. There is no reason for you to hesitate. Most people respond positively to such requests and announcements. Posting a status update is the first way to promote yourself and your FaceBook page. * 2Get More Traffic by getting Others To Upload and Tag Photos

A good way to drive traffic to your FaceBook page is to take pictures of groups of people and then upload them to your FaceBook page. Next, ask others in the picture to tag themselves and their friends in the picture. Your friends too can upload more pictures on your page. This way, your page will get posted to their walls as well and hence will attract more attention. * 3Involve Related Groups

Groups are powerful means of promotion of ideas, views and messages, much more than pages. This is because FaceBook Pages send updates, however, groups send messages to a users FaceBook inbox directly, triggering an email alert.

Therefore, it is best to contact the admins of groups related to your FaceBook page. This way you can get valuable information to your readers and also contribute to the content value of the linked groups. * 4Get People to Join your Page Via SMS

Tell people to do this :

Send a text message to 32665 (FBOOK) with the words "fan yourusername" OR "like yourusername" (without the quotes).

This is best suited if you are in front of a live audience. * 5Offer An Incentive for People to Signup

Another strategy you can adopt is to have content on your page that is exclusive for the fans of your FaceBook page. This will urge more and more people to click the "Like" button in order to access content such as an exclusive video, and exclusive article etc. you can do this by using a static html to create a dynamic FaceBook landing page with a "reveal tab" that contains content that is visible only to fans of your page. * 7Use Status Tagging

Status tagging is a relatively new feature introduced by FaceBook. Easy to use, and pretty cool, you can tag any page or person by simply typing the @ sign before the page or person's name you want to tag. Tell your friends about them and tell them to use it by tagging your page. * 8Use the Suggest Feature

You can suggest your page to your friends by using the "suggest to friends" option in your FaceBook page. However, use this option with caution as you do not want to annoy people by multiple or too many invites. So suggest when you think you will be acknowledged. * 9Install a FaceBook "Like Box" on Your Site

You can get your website visitors to "Like" your FB page without even leaving your site. How? Simply install your FB page's "Like Box" on your website.

Use the FB like box builder tool to easily customize your Like Box and adjust its size, the number of connections to display and its look and feel. This will make its easy and attractive for your friends and website visitors to "like" your FaceBook page. * 10Install a Like Button On Your Friends' site

You can also get your fans and friends to install a like box of your FaceBook page on their website. This way you can successfully drive more and more traffic to your FB page, converting more and more visitors in to fans. * 11Connecting your Page to Twitter

Add to your FaceBook fans your list of Twitter Fans, simply by connecting your FaceBook page to Twitter. By doing this, you will be sending a copy of all your FaceBook posts to your Twitter page liking back to your FB page. * 12Link to Your Page as a Place to Employment

Pretty soon, you will not be able to show the link to your FaceBook page from your profile page as the info box will soon be gone. What to do? All you have to is to list your Page under employment, which will enable you to link to it right from your profile. In fact, after this your...
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