False Advertising

Topics: Advertising, Food, Nutrition Pages: 2 (648 words) Published: September 23, 2008
There are many types of companies that carry false advertising in their products in order to increase commercial sales. In today’s world, we all want our money’s worth of what we are purchasing. In false advertising, we are being mislead and deceived in what we are really buying.

Weight loss products often advertise that if you indeed take their product, you will lose the desired amount of weight. They show you pictures of people who have lost weight “using this product” and in addition to the pictures, they also inform you of the benefits you will acquire if you consume their product. What they regret to inform you in the big print is that the only way to acquire these results is with diet and exercise, therefore they are misleading you. Recently, the Federal Trade Commission fined certain weight loss products for false advertising. These companies claimed that their product ranged from rapid weight loss to reducing the risk of cancer. Although these products were not pulled off shelves, they were advised to stop making false claims or prove their claims with scientific research proving that these products undoubtedly carry out the actions they claim to do. That’s just to show you that you can’t and shouldn’t believe everything you see.

False advertising is also found widely in the food industry. There are many food companies that advertise their products on TV via commercials, such as Burger King, Quiznos, McDonald’s, and even supermarkets. These companies want you to visit their establishment by pulling you in with advertisements of their delicious products such as juicy burgers or bright red strawberries. The products look so good on TV, but when you arrive at the establishment and place your order, you receive something that doesn’t look as good as it did on TV. These companies falsely advertise what their products look like to draw you in so they can make money. If you have ever seen a Quiznos commercial, their sandwiches are advertised with an abundant...
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