Fashion Advertising: The Price of Beauty

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Fashion Advertising: The price of beauty

Advertising is a form of communication used to persuade an audience, viewers, readers or even listeners to take some action with respect to products, ideas, or services. Most commonly, the desired result is to drive consumer behavior with respect to a commercial offering, although political and ideological advertising is also common. Advertising messages are usually paid for by sponsors and viewed via various traditional media; including mass media such as newspaper, magazines, television commercial, radio advertisement, outdoor advertising or direct mail; or new media such as websites and text messages.

The main objective of commercial advertisers is to increase the consumption of their products or services through ‘branding or packaging’ which involves the repetition of an image or product name in an effort to associate certain qualities with the brand in the minds of consumers. Besides that, non-commercial advertisers who spend money to advertise items other than a consumer product or service include political parties, interest groups, religious organizations, charity organization and governmental agencies. Nonprofit organizations may rely on free modes of persuasion, such as a public service announcement. The rises of mass production develop modern advertising as well in the late 19th and the early 20th centuries. Fashion advertising is a branch within the advertising industry which focuses mainly on creating promotions for the fashion industry. It is very challenging and exciting to work as an advertiser for the fashion industry because fashion industry require a number of unique ideas for the promotion period or newly launch product. There are some of the most famous advertising campaigns in history have been campaigns for major fashion houses. Fashion advertising includes advertisements for garments, purses, shoes, and similar products of fashion houses, along with high end perfumes. The purpose of fashion advertising is to attract potential consumer with the brand, as with other forms of advertising. They can make the consumer have the desire to buy that certain products even though they do not need it as their daily basis. As with other brands, fashion advertisements promote a lifestyle just as much as the product, giving awareness to the consumer to associate with a particular brand with a specific lifestyle and social class. After watching the advertisement, the consumer may have an idea that when they using that product, their lifestyle and social level may goes up as well. The content of the advertisement may be vary, all depend on which market the company is trying to focus on, ranging from very wealthy individuals to normal office lady with average income Rm 2000 who could still be a valuable customer base. Print advertising of fashion appears in many magazines, newspapers or even newsletter in major fashion markets like New York City and Paris. Fashion advertising can also appear in the form of television commercials, billboards, and so forth. Many fashion boutiques try to sponsor their product to famous celebrities or even politician to gain free publicity that comes from seeing their products on celebrities and high profile individuals in the news or internet. A designer who gets his or her garments onto movie starlets walking down the red carpet at the Oscars, or even attending certain events for example, will see an obvious rise in demand from people who see the designer's clothes, shoes, and accessories or even online search that product. Although the big fashion brands such as Gucci and Yves St. Laurent had already have their popularity, they still need to advertise their products so that consumer aware the specialty and quality of the certain product. In addition, Fashion boutique will always utilize fashion advertising to maximize revenue, gain popularity for the product they sell. Even middle class department stores may also use...
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